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IT Disposal

Safe Disposal And Recycling Of IT equipment

Disposal of IT equipment and data​​​​​​​
Over the past decade so many more of us have switched to using computers and laptops in our everyday lives in addition to living with a smart phone and all the benefits and convenience that comes with it. All these items of equipment contain large memory capacity which hold colossal amounts of data information and compared to the equivalent rooms full of paper documents, takes up less physical space in some cases than the palm of your hand. However, this has created a new problem to solve when the equipment or device becomes redundant with so much data contained in the memory and how to erase or destroy the data so it can not be retrieved or copied for fraudulent use.

Our secure disposal service means that we meet all data confidentiality regulations of the UK. We specialise in completely eliminating confidential data from computers because we know how important data can be to a company or government organisation. We have handled IT disposal for large companies, making sure that all hazardous waste is disposed of and recycled. ShredX IT disposal service handles any IT equipment, including the following:

  • Phone systems

  • Mobile phones

  • DVD/CD drives

  • Hard drives

  • Networking equipment

  • Consumer electronics

  • Medical electrical equipment

  • Computers & laptops

  • Monitors

  • Servers & server racks

  • Zip drives

Get trustworthy disposal and removal of IT equipment and data at Shredx Media and Document Disposal service in Berkhamsted and the UK.