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Document Consoles

Security consoles are used by many business offices to contain the daily accumulation of waste paper which is generated but needs to be securely held prior to being shredded. The new GDPR data protection legislation imposes a responsibility to keep all documents generated in the office to be held securely including waste documents containing sensitive data. Our console service provides business with a safe and secure environment for this function and we can offer a choice of service level to suit the needs of all users.
Each cabinet is constructed from wood with a choice of finish to suit your existing office environment and a secure locked door to restrict unauthorised access. You simply drop your documents through the slot and leave the rest to us.

Shredx provides disposal services to any industry in need of document and media destruction in the UK. We will get rid of all classified and clutter documents and material at the request of the client, regardless of quantity.

Shredx consoles are available for offices to keep daily accumulation of paper at a minimum. A choice of weekly or monthly collection services is available to suit your needs. We provide these security shredding cabinets with tight security locks so that no one has access to the documents inside. This is a good method of preventing the accumulation of confidential documents ending up in the wrong hands. Shredx is able to provide document consoles for archive shredding or document disposal, so that you can have a cleaner filing system and an organised working space.

Shredx complies with rules set by UK legislature to ensure an environmentally friendly waste removal process. We are registered with the Environment Agency and hold a waste management licence and waste carrier licence to carry out the waste removal and recycling process in a way that is beneficial to the environment.These are documents required for operating this service.

Our shredding and recycling services mean that, we can destroy confidential documents and files and also recycle the end materials. All confidential waste paper that needs to be shredded is recycled, leaving no string of shredded paper behind. Our process is fast and cost-effective, ensuring you get value for money.

We provide clients with security sacks and security tags or locking consoles or cabinets to place in their office and accumulate waste. Regardless of the quantity of documents you need shredded, we are fully equipped to complete the job.

Our professional team of insured and professional document shredding specialists can help you dispose of obsolete information records and files quickly and easily.

Shredx is the UK’s leading documents and media shredding service that guarantees undisputed confidentiality. Call Shredx Media and Document Services Ltd on 0345 600 1095 to speak to our team of friendly and professional advisors.